Building Automation Systems in Charlotte, NC

Don’t be Held Hostage by Your Proprietary Controls System

Providing the latest in web-based building automation technology, United Automation is committed to  “open”  Building Automation Systems that allow you  freedom of choice in building controls vendors and offer a multitude of cost-saving options.

Superior Building Automation Systems in Charlotte

Whether you need to make multiple building controls systems communicate with each other, are ready to upgrade to newer technology or simply need to replace an existing controller, our team of engineers and controls technicians can integrate the existing controls from different manufacturers—such as Barber-Coleman, Trane, Johnson Controls, Carrier, and Siemens–into one centralized building management system that offers you the ultimate in efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.

  • Multiple vendor and manufacturer choices for ongoing support
  • Real-time information from all controls on one network
  • Web-based and mobile user interfaces
  • Customized control panels

Does This Sound Familiar?

  1. Your HVAC systems and components are not integrated into one system with one web-based user interface

This very common scenario is one in which various HVAC components and/or systems are not linked together and are run by separate control systems on separate workstations.  Integrating these disparate elements and viewing them from one single user interface will reap the following rewards:

  • Time and money savings with one graphical interface that allows set points to be changed and problems diagnosed and solved with a simple keystroke
  • Far less time consumed getting to know one system than several different ones
  • Remote access due to web-based interface technology
  • Quicker response time due to centralized monitoring visibility
  1.  You are already completely frustrated with the inflexibility of your controls system and are locked into a proprietary system that is costly to maintain.

The solution would be to integrate the multiple HVAC systems and/or elements into an open-licensed front end whereby the controllers would share a common communications protocol (BACnet or LonWorks) and the front end would be openly-licensed, allowing contractor choice and competitive pricing.

Protect Your Building Automation System

An ongoing Controls Support Program saves you money and protects your Building Automation System investment.  Among other things, a Support Program offers:

  1. Protection
  • Site-specific database/programming backup
  • Honeywell software updates and support
  • Peace of mind knowing your system is secure
  1. Energy Savings
  • System recalibration
  • Setting and schedules verification
  • Customized programming based on data analysis and performance
  1. Support
  • User training and re-training
  • Remote diagnostics (where applicable)
  • 10% discount on repairs

An Authorized Honeywell Controls Integrator

As Charlotte’s premier provider of integrated Building Automation Systems since 1977, our engineers and highly trained controls technicians will partner with you to ensure your electronic and digital control systems are working at peak efficiency and properly adapting to occupant demands and seasonal changes.

You Need To Call Us If:
  • Your HVAC system is being run by multiple systems not communicating with each other
  • You are locked into an expensive proprietary controls vendor
  • You need more cost-effective options when it comes to repairing or replacing a controller
  • Your HVAC system is still operated by pneumatic controls



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