Commercial Heating Repair in Charlotte, NC

Keeping Your Facility Warm In The Winter

The best mechanical partner to manage your commercial heating repair needs? One like United Mechanical that has an experienced team of engineers and technicians committed to an understanding of your entire HVAC system and its effect on efficient building operation. When a commercial heating system fails to work properly, not only is the comfort of building occupants compromised, but facility processes and critical environments are disrupted and possibly even corrupted. A clean room is a good example of an environment that has very precise temperature and humidity requirements that must be maintained.

Commercial Heating Repair Expertise

United Mechanical has been serving the Charlotte area for over 39 years and has commercial heating repair and troubleshooting expertise that includes the following:

  • Furnaces
  • Gas pack RTU units
  • Steam boilers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Make-up air units
  • Air rotation units
  • Automated building controls

Mark Slimer, Facilities Director at Sardis Presbyterian Church confirmed this when he said, “Not everyone has the technical background and capability to work on the more than 50 various pieces of equipment an older church has.  United Mechanical does and has the know-how to keep them all in good working order.”

Common Issues that Can Cause a Heating Malfunction

There are several common issues that can cause a facility manager to have to call for heating system repair.  Among them are bad combustion blower motors, gas valves, igniter modules, flame sensors, regulators, indoor fan motors, cracked heat exchangers or a bad controller.  Known for our integrity and value-added solutions, we make a thorough analysis of any viable options—including equipment replacement—as part of the recommendations we make.

Preventive Maintenance Can Help

If you have a mechanical contractor such as United Mechanical who has the depth of experience and talent to properly execute a preventive maintenance program, you can expect that program to yield benefits such as:

  • Decreased maintenance and emergency repair costs
  • Longer HVAC system and component life
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Reduced downtime and loss of productivity