HVAC Preventive Maintenance in Charlotte, NC


The main objective of HVAC Preventive Maintenance is to keep your commercial heating and air conditioning operating at peak efficiency—saving time and money while improving the overall environment in your building. With a Preventive or Scheduled Maintenance program, you receive the following benefits along with many others.

Reduced Energy Costs

The amount of heat absorbed and removed to the environment is directly related to an HVAC system’s available heat transfer surface. By keeping these surfaces clean, more heat transfer is able to occur.  When these surfaces are dirty, the complete heat rejection process keeps the equipment running longer.  The longer the system runs unnecessarily, the more energy wasted.  Our services clean and calibrate your mechanical systems to insure that they operate at optimum efficiency.  This can reduce your costly energy consumption by 25% or more

Increased Comfort Control

As a facility manager, you have probably learned that each person has a different comfort level associated with temperature and humidity.  Our HVAC cleaning and calibration services help provide a more consistent environment throughout your building—making occupants and tenants more comfortable and productive throughout the year.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Environmental complaints, real or perceived, can be a problem for facility managers.  Our services will help provide a cleaner and healthier environment by removing dust, pollen, bacteria and other pollutants that impact people, processes, and productivity.

Reduced Downtime

Mechanical system failures can be devastating.  When manufacturing process systems shut down, they can completely halt production—costing $1,000’s per hour.  Uncomfortable production environments can reduce employee productivity by 85% or more.  Our services provide manufacturers’ recommended maintenance procedures in a timely manner.  These procedures are designed to predict, as well as prevent, unscheduled downtime before it occurs.

Extended Equipment Life

The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), states that the typical heating and air conditioning equipment used in commercial applications has an average service life of fifteen (15) years.   Regular maintenance by experienced professionals is the key to system longevity—maximizing the investment in your equipment.  In fact, a study by a respected national commercial real estate firm showed that an investment in an HVAC Preventive Maintenance program not only pays for itself, but also produces a huge return on investment by means of increasing the useful life of HVAC equipment.

Why United Mechanical?

Unlike many other HVAC service options, United Mechanical has an engineering-based perspective and is known for its technical knowledge and troubleshooting expertise.  At United Mechanical we offer customized Preventive Maintenance and Full Coverage plans that are unlike others in that they include

  • Discount of 15% on all emergency and/or scheduled commercial heating repairs
  • One (1) year warranty on all commercial heating repair work.
  • No overtime charges
  • Dedicated United Mechanical technicians for each customer location
  • Long-tenured management, project managers and engineers, that support our team of Service Technicians and enable proficiency with all major equipment manufacturers and type equipment