Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker Vice President, Operations
Bob McHolland
Bob McHollandPresident
Kelly Courter
Kelly Courter Operations Manager
Katie Dirks
Katie DirksOperations Manager
Mariya Morgun
Mariya Morgun Operations Manager
Kelly Emrick
Kelly EmrickOffice Manager
Louis Griffith
Louis GriffithTerritory Manager
Lukas Baker
Lukas BakerTerritory Sales Manager
Zach Willey
Zach WilleyPM Mechanical Systems Engineer
Tyler Tufts, P.E.
Tyler Tufts, P.E.Systems Engineer, Optimization and Energy Management
Grace Corcoran
Grace CorcoranOffice and HR Admin


Brian Robinson, PE
Brian Robinson, PE President, United Automation Corporation
Jacob Unell, PE
Jacob Unell, PESales Engineer
Steve Widener
Steve WidenerProject Manager
Maxwell Wagner
Maxwell WagnerControls Service Sales Manager
Scott Myers
Scott Myers Controls Engineer
Josh Preslar
Josh PreslarApplication Engineer


Elizabeth Benning
Elizabeth Benning Vice President, Finance
David Brown, PE
David Brown, PEChairman/Founder
Bryan Griffin
Bryan Griffin Executive Vice President, Construction
Griffin Keatley
Griffin KeatleyProject Manager, Owner-Direct
Shawn Melton
Shawn MeltonSales Engineer, Owner-Direct
Vasiliy Stepanyuk
Vasiliy Stepanyuk Pre-Construction Design Manager
Devin Wall
Devin Wall Project Manager, General Contractor