Maximize your investment with broader improvements


If your equipment is no longer working or near the end of its useful life, a direct replacement is always an option. But, it might not be the best or only one. Because of our engineering expertise and ability to understand your entire system, we always make it a point to try and offer you options—options that would maximize your investment and be better for the long-term efficiency and performance of the building.

The Best Interest of Your Building Comes First

When a replacement is needed, relying on the unparalleled engineering expertise of United Mechanical will give you a customized solution designed to meet the unique needs of your building. We have access to all major brands of equipment—York, Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Lockinvar, and Fulton—and can handle any size installation.

Making the Case for Early Replacement

There are several arguments to be made for replacing equipment proactively instead of waiting until it fails. Often times, failure happens on the most extreme temperature days and the biggest consideration is the impact on your facility and its occupants. Getting a replacement as quickly as possible then becomes a priority, but that may mean having to accept less than an optimal replacement unit for your purposes because it is the first one available. If you replace proactively, you can replace on your own schedule.  

Other reasons you may want to consider early replacement are:

  • You can no longer get parts and are unable to make repairs
  • Repairs will exceed the cost of a new unit
  • The equipment is nearing the end of its useful life and you want to avoid future downtown
  • You want to upgrade to more energy efficient equipment




RTU (roof top unit) 15 years
Split System 15 years
Cooling Tower 20 years
Chiller 20-23 years



Cooling towers

Air rotation units

Dehumidification systems

Air handling units

Make-Up air units

Packaged units

Thru-wall units


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