Create a state-of-the-art energy performing facility

If your building is over nine (9) years old,  chances are it does not meet the current Energy Code.  And, any system that has been installed for 20 years has probably been modified as an emergency measure to meet some sort of crisis. In most cases,  these modifications result in increased energy consumption and degraded performance.  However, without altering the building envelope, you can still realize energy savings and create a building that is a “21st century state-of-the-art energy performer.


Variable Frequency Drives Make a Big Impact

The air handling systems in a typical office building account for around 28% of the electricity consumed and the cooling systems account for about 24%. About half of your electric bill. Use of Variable Frequency Drives could reduce air handling and cooling energy costs by 20%.

Other Benefits in Performance and Savings

Upgrading with variable frequency drives is a major part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to improve energy efficiency. In addition to making good business sense, installing drives demonstrates corporate environmental consciousness. Drives do more than reduce energy cost:

  • Drives reduce fan noise and duct rumble– reducing tenant complaints.
  • Drives reduce amps during motor starting, lowering demand charges—another significant part of the electric bill.
  • Inherent soft-starting reduces wear and tear on motors and other system components.


  • Conditioned air volume that is based on how many people are in a space at any given time.
  • Free cooling when outside temperature and humidity permits.
  • Supply fan horsepower reduction when conditions in a space call for a reduction in airflow.
  • A verified and balanced system that is responding to  the current use of the facility.
  • Timely alerts to shifts in performance.
  • Remote monitoring and correction for all equipment.


  • Institutional facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Worship facilities

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