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“Not everyone has the technical background and capability to work on the more than 50 various pieces of
equipment an older church has. We run the gamut from boilers, chillers and split systems to old pneumatic
controls and United Mechanical has the expertise to keep them all in good working order.”

									 Mark Slimer, Facilities Director
									 Sardis Presbyterian Church


Committed to buildings operating correctly

The reputation United Mechanical has developed over the years is, in great part, founded on its extensive engineering expertise. We have the
proven ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex humidity, comfort or process issues. We have the proven ability to fully understand your
entire system ‑ how it was designed, how it is currently performing, and where there are opportunities for improvement. And, there is proven
customer benefit from our in-house engineers who work closely with our technicians to ensure sound engineering principles are always applied.

Ÿ Customized Full Coverage and Preventive Maintenance plans
Ÿ No overtime charges
Ÿ One (1) year warranty on all repairs
Ÿ 24/7/365 service
Ÿ Proficiency with all major equipment manufacturers and type

Ÿ Discount of 15% on all emergency and/or scheduled commercial

  heating repairs
Ÿ Dedicated technician for each location

Ÿ Boilers         Ÿ Air handling units  Ÿ Thru-wall units
Ÿ Chillers        Ÿ Make-Up air units   Ÿ Split systems
Ÿ Cooling towers  Ÿ Packaged units      Ÿ Controls


                                        PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR
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