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“We all very much appreciate the special effort you made on Crate & Barrel. We look forward to working with
     United Mechanical on other successful projects.”

     										Alan Lewis
     									 	The Keith Corporation


A single point of accountability delivers the best possible outcome

United Mechanical specializes in providing turnkey Design-Build mechanical services that facilitate a single point of accountability, simplify the
lines of communication, and allow for early starts on construction and procurement of critical materials. This seamless integration of design,
planning, installation, and commissioning guarantees a high-performance, energy efficient system at a lower cost than any other delivery method.

Design-Build Mechanical Services

The United Mechanical team—which includes professional engineers, designers, project
managers, LEED® accredited personnel, technicians, and field mechanics—has a long-standing
track record of delivering projects that are optimally designed, priced, and installed.
Ÿ Energy Studies
Ÿ Preliminary Designs
Ÿ Engineering Drawings
Ÿ Project Budgets and Schedules
Ÿ Fabrication
Ÿ Installation
Ÿ Commissioning


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