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“I am very pleased with the open Tridium platform United Automation installed for us. It is extremely intuitive

               and I can troubleshoot the system remotely, if need be. Brian has been just a phone call away to help with

               any programming questions I have and is with us all the way as we learn how to optimize the use of this

               new system.”

               								                                                             Bruce Hitzen

                                                                                    Assistant Site Manager, Clariant,


Open systems deliver maximum flexibility

We believe in Open controls systems where the controllers share a common communication protocol and the front-end is openly-licensed.
This allows you freedom of choice in building controls vendors, provides flexibility to support future additions and upgrades, and offers a
multitude of cost-saving options.

Benefits of Controls Integration Include:

Single User Interface                         Improved Response Time                Compatible Software and Devices

Ÿ No more visiting multiple computer systems  Ÿ Real-time alerts and timely correction Ÿ Based on Tridium “open” system

Energy Savings                                Ÿ Mobile monitoring and access        Ÿ Flexibility in vendor/manufacturer choice

Ÿ Quicker reaction to shifts in system performance Ÿ Remote diagnostics             Ÿ Scalable for future upgrade or expansion

Lower Labor Costs                             Data Collection                       Multiple Sites

Ÿ Streamlined operations                      Ÿ Single point of collection          Ÿ Can include multiple buildings or

Ÿ No need to learn and manage multiple systems Ÿ Facilities better decision making  multiple sites


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